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For JAR files, the preference is to specify version requirements in the JAR file manifest rather than on the command line.

Specifies a list of directories, JAR files, and ZIP archives separated by semicolons (;) to search for boot class files.

The JRE searches for the startup class (and other classes used by the application) in three sets of locations: the bootstrap class path, the installed extensions, and the user's class path.

Arguments after the class file name or the JAR file name are passed to the Standard options are guaranteed to be supported by all implementations of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Boolean options are used to either enable a feature that is disabled by default or disable a feature that is enabled by default. If you are expected to specify the size in bytes, you can use no suffix, or use the suffix Selects the Java Hot Spot Client VM.

The 64-bit version of the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) currently ignores this option and instead uses the Server JVM.

This can result in more memory being permanently occupied which, if not used carefully, will throw an out of memory exception.A version string is the developer designation of the version number in the following form: ) for a logical AND combination of two version strings/ranges.For example, if running the class or JAR file requires either JRE 6u13 (1.6.0_13), or any JRE 6 starting from 6u10 (1.6.0_10), specify the following: Quotation marks are necessary only if there are spaces in the release parameter.Specifically, it validates the parameters passed to the JNI function and the runtime environment data before processing the JNI request.Any invalid data encountered indicates a problem in the native code, and the JVM will terminate with an irrecoverable error in such cases.

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The value variable is a string that represents the value of the property.