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(following, DMs, replys) It's hard to help when people sign up and simply say, 'hey, when's my flight?

I don't automate responses or auto follow." Why her tweets are unique: "I'm in a unique position to talk about all of , not just one product line or area- from new cars, to ASIMO robot to Rose Parade, lots!

We admire these big brands for being bold on Twitter, and we hope that their ground-breaking efforts lead to better service for all of us who travel and know just how stressful it can be.

Twitter Name: Jet Blue Jet Blue Official Tweeter: Meet Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications with Jet Blue.

I asked each brand correspondent to answer our queries in 140 characters or less.

Most of them got the point, a few rambled on a bit too long, and only asked me if "u" was acceptable in lieu of "you." All in all, we've found some amazing people, doing some pretty powerful things at big companies, and all via Twitter.

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On top of managing media inquiries on these cars, he also tweets about them; updating with cool news and exchanging tweets and pics with car enthusiasts.

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