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Criminal statutes of limitations in Colorado, Texas and Missouri have deterred prosecutors from pressing criminal charges against Mueller.Civil statutes of limitations in those states have posed obstacles to those who are suing over allegations that Mueller abused them.In March 2005, Monsignor Mark Plewka, chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, called current Marianist Provincial Superior Brother Stephen Glodek to report an allegation of abuse against Mueller by a Roncalli alumnus.Within six months, the first lawsuits accusing Mueller of abuse were filed in Pueblo and St. To date, police reports and lawsuits have identified 40 former students who allegedly were abused by Mueller.Thirteen months after his release, Mueller was back at Jemez Springs.This time, members of the student council at Vianney and at least one parent complained that Mueller had ordered students to kneel and pledge allegiance to him. He was nearing the end of his 24 years as a member of the Society of Mary religious order. Louis fanned out to college campuses throughout America, while their ousted assistant principal returned to New Mexico for a second round of psychological treatment.

Despite the numerous police complaints filed in the past two years alleging past abuse by Mueller, prosecutors in St.

Fleming wrote to Mueller in a letter dated March 5, 1986: “During the past two days, I have received several expressions of concern from parents and school administrators concerning your contacts with current and former students.”Mueller responded to Fleming in a letter dated July 26, 1986, three months after his release from his second visit to Jemez Springs: “I don't know how much additional trouble I've caused or am in.

I received a telephone call from Mike Foley saying I was in trouble. I think there were some suspicions more arising from the fact that Brother Mueller was spending a great deal of time in his band room with his students and so forth and some people were uneasy about that.

Students at Vianney and Roncalli High School in Pueblo have said in police reports and lawsuits that school and Marianist officials were notified of experiments and sex abuse that Mueller subjected them to during the 1960s.“I was not aware of any previous complaints (before the 1970s) about such conduct on the part of Brother Mueller,” Hakenewerth wrote.

“When I learned later of the accusations and of the behavioral problems of Brother Mueller, I did feel very bad for not having assessed the situation more accurately when I was first involved Ñ and I still feel bad.

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