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Sonic GMI used to be a mod installer of its own, but now it's been rehauled as a GUI front-end to CPKREDIR, so users can easily configure the mods they use, their order, and various other settings in an quick and simple interface.You can make a shortcut to Sonic GMI directly to play the game and be able to configure mods easily, but it's not required to launch the game from it for the mods to work! Copy the contents of this folder into the folder where Sonic is stored.Note that if none of the mods use Save File redirection, launching it now will create a brand new save file on the directory called "cpkredir.sav", copied from your regular Sonic Generations save file.This prevents users tampering with their records by default, but you can disable the Save File redirection easily.Does anyone have any leads to an open source CPK-file packer?Only reliable one I found was crifilesystem but that's closed afaik.You don't need to define mods in your INIs to find them.

I haven't had much time to do a lot of research, but if there's anything needing to be automated(conversion, easier editors, or something), I could give it a try.Simply run Sonic for configuring the mod loading, patching the exe, and playing!The first time you run Sonic GMI it might take a bit since it'll scan the exe to see if CPKREDIR is enabled or not. If you never patched your EXE so CPKREDIR works, you can do it directly from Sonic GMI with the Install/Uninstall button.I already got an open source file unpacker though, just gotta find the time later for it, and exams don't exactly help this time of the year.Certainly not very easy since I'm not really familiar with 3D rendering yet.

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/ You're at your risk of using this though, but the worse it could do is unpack files in a wrong directory or something. Oh don't worry, I'll most surely release the source once it's polished up a bit more.

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