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The story surrounds a horny teen who suddenly grew wings and his best friend/boyfrando helps him through this transition.It’s drawn well and despite the ‘normal’ beginnings, the wings bring an interesting dynamic to the boys’ relationship! I’m such a sucker for flowershop stories mostly because I have a green thumb envy, however, when a confession entails a bouquet of flowers and gardening scissors, I can’t help but be amused.Thankfully, the guy doesn’t look exactly like a dragon but dang his dragon eyes look sexy.Everyone knows that every hot exorcist is in need of a hot devil.Somewhere along the way, Elliot finds himself half-naked and ends up saving Red Shift’s ass.Rock stars turned vigilantes sounds like a wicked dream and I’m happy Sharp Zero’s covered it in their comic.This is a familiar tale for BL readers, a formula well tested and nicely executed. However, thanks to Sparkler Monthly, this lovely story of friendship with a dash of mystery that always seem to follow geniuses like Tory is back online and is available to read for everyone.Elliot’s the lead singer in his band and has a massive crush on the hot vigilante, Red Shift.

I may never really ever use the word teratophile again but Men Monster’s is from the same universe as Aero’s Ace of Beast so fans of Aero’s universe would totally enjoy this explicit tale.

In this gay webcomic, Ethan is paired up with a demon named Al who takes every opportunity to seduce him. Thankfully, Gayaliens looks quite promising even when it just started. Here’s a time-skipping story that moves in and out of many universes, from 1900s Canada to some robotic future.

While Ethan technically controls Al, I can’t help but think it’s the other way around. It also has a multimedia thing going on as panels come with audio clips. I find Charles, a Canadian Mountie, and Francis an adorable pair no matter what form they take.

It’s hot treat for those who love their boys with fantastic muscled bodies in fantastic worlds.

This series tickled my ore-sama interests as one of its protagonists, Hiro, is the kind of guy who thinks the whole world just loves him, even his classmate, Takashi-kun. When I started this list, Off Beat was offline and it broke my heart that I couldn’t feature it.

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As a gift to all of you, I’ve finally compiled the 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List from all you amazing people. Had I done this alone you’d probably get a handful but I got tons from you guys which means you’ve got tons of things to read this 801 weekend! I’m so happy that you guys gave so many titles and I did my best to squeeze some time to look at some of the recs. Visual styles range from Archie-esque, Amecomi-esque hypermasculine bods, to more bishonen-esque boys here and there.

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