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After a successful surgery, Amelia participates in the study. But then she finds out something else in her brain.

Megan Hunt returns from being presumed dead for a decade.

YEARS of my hard work that someone with the name "frejasface" is pretending is their own with a 10-part series dubbed "ONTD Original." It can't be "original" if someone else has had a blog dedicated to it for almost 10 years. frejasface just took my work and presented it as their own. That's why frejasface posted old links to Lainey's blog posts.

Because she took them from my site where I copied Lainey's link at the time.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 is not about to look or feel lighter.

So nice to see that someone from ONTD decided to pass my work off as their own.

Because these family members aren’t always reliable.

And because of their reputations, members of his team take care to keep information on a need to know basis.

Also, she and their baby are leaving his apartment. Japril fans have to wait until Episode 3 to hear his thoughts on April’s confession.

For her part, it does not seem that Maggie would get hurt if Japril reconciles.

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Ben, the new Stephanie in Jo’s life, knocks some sense into Karev’s head. Maggie tells Jackson what April told her in the thirteenth season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Jackson appears unsure, even more confused than Maggie, about April’s theory.

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