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Currently the only condition type that exists is a .

If a query returns multiple series then the aggregation function and threshold check will be evaluated for each series.

Read the notifications guide for how to configure and setup notifications.

Further troubleshooting can also be done by inspecting the grafana-server log.

I went back and ran the following three executables: In addition, I added total of two new accounts on this machine.

First one (admin01) I created using the windows “Manage Accounts” interface and the second (admin02) via command prompt. Lastly, I made a logcial image of the target system and created a new case in Autopsy.

Also, installed AVG Anti Virus Free edition as a basic detection mechanism.

However, to my surprise, AVG was able to detect and block most of the executables that I tried to run.

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The first thing I did was perform keyword searches for the three executables that I ran earlier ( The keyword search was pretty fast and it found all the three exe files that I had browsed and installed.